Research Proposal for the Examination of Emotion Management During ROTC Training

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Introduction Throughout my life I have been surrounded by the military lifestyle. It began with my father serving in the Army for over 17 years, to my brother’s experimentation in the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC), which eventually led him to join the Army. When the time for me came to go to college, I thought I would no longer be surrounded by a military environment, however I found myself interacting with members of the ROTC instantly. I have always been fascinated by the camaraderie that members of the military have, yet I have always wondered whether this camaraderie, and their attitudes towards each other and themselves change while partaking in physical training. This research paper is guided by the question, how do the members of the ROTC manage their emotions during their physical trainings? Within this research proposal I will be going through previous research and tying it into my research question in a literature review section. In a methods section, I will then explain what sort of method I will use and why I will use it to collect data and answer my research question. To finish off, I will explain whether my answer was questioned, as well as what future research can be done, and what my limitations were when conducting with this research. Literature Review In an effort to attend to my research question I will use the dramaturgical perspective. The dramaturgical perspective will prove to be helpful when answering my research question because

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