Research Proposal on Brand Loyalty in Mobile Phone Market

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I. Introduction 1. Problem Statement
A number of papers have discussed about the factors that influence a consumer’s brand loyalty, such as "An empirical model for brand loyalty measurement" (Punniyamoorthy, M and Prasanna Mohan Raj, 2007), or “The relation between Brand Loyalty, Product Involvement and Information Search” (Ai Lin Lim, 1999). Although both of the researches mentioned above reached some conclusions about their topics, it is our initial assumption that these conclusions will be more or less inapplicable to the Vietnamese market because of the different in the population analyzed. In fact, consumers in developed countries (such as the United States) are less dependent on price compared to Vietnamese consumers, with a
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The second one is that there may appear some sample errors because due to time limit and our current ability, the research can just reach a small number of subjects in a restricted area. Consequently, it would be biased to use the survey outcome for making any judgment on the whole young adult group. Another confinement arises from participants’ attitude. This is one major among the common problems encountered by almost every researcher in their attempt to study any issue particularly in Vietnamese market. The lack of necessarily serious attitude towards the survey from young adults creates the barriers in drawing correct conclusions. The last but no less worth-noting limitation is that all the criteria for assessment in our survey are subjective and may somehow not be sufficient for comprehensive analysis. II. Review of Literature
Brand loyalty, in marketing, consists of a consumer's commitment to repurchase the brand and can be demonstrated by repeated buying of a product or service or other positive behaviors such as word of mouth advocacy (Dick, Alan S. and Kunal Basu ,1994, "Customer Loyalty: Toward an Integrated Conceptual Framework," Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science).True brand loyalty implies that the consumer is willing, at least on occasion, to put aside their own desires in the interest of the brand. (Oliver, Richard L. 1999, "Whence Customer
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