Research Proposal on How to Balance Work and Personal Life

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The research problem as investigated will have to focus on the single parents in assessing ways and assumptions on how they can achieve a balanced life and work knowing the fact that they are working in somewhat diverse workforce. The investigation will then have to deal with single parents acquiring the appropriate time management in dividing family roles and work roles respectively. The assessment of work life balance in general notion, identifying possible factors leading to such situation for those working single parents. The study will explore on possible execution process of work life balance programs in detail and knowing its advantages to the single parents being the focus of research investigation. The motivation
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The support needs of parents of disabled children have received little or no attention. There is much evidence that caring for children (Beresford, 1995) but the research on caring for children has neglected the issues of how parents can combine work and care, just as the work-family literature has overlooked the issues facing these particular working parents. This is largely due to a prevailing assumption that parents, especially mothers of children with special needs are not or should not be employed (Kagan et al., 1998). However, these parents do need to work for the same economic, psychological and social reasons as other parents (Kagan et al., 1998). This suggests the need to question not only assumptions about the nature of work but also dominant organisational assumptions about working parents and their needs. So, for example, it is assumed that the demands of parenthood are greatest in the pre school years; with some issues such as after school care arising during the childhood years and that as children become older family demands decline. It is assumed that parenting is a time limited activity and that organisations can deal with the issues that arise by implementing specific policies to support parents during these years. The implication is that the need for flexible working arrangements is relatively short

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