Research Proposal to Study : the Impact of Stress on Students Academic Performance

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Nicole Kada
Philip Broster
Business Communications 27 April 2012
Research Proposal

What is the Impact of Stress on University Students Academic Performance?


1.1 Purposes of Research Topic
Newth (2011) claims that modern day stress seems to be more widespread than ever causing interference with human intellect, emotional and interpersonal functioning. Therefore; I suggest that students will encounter stress and it will impact their academic performance. In this fast pace and performance driven society each organization needs well performing people. The only way we will know what people require to become productive and less stressed is to explore topics as my research question. The topic
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Which collects the health statistics of students from universities all around the world every second year, reported that 40.2 percent of Santa Clara University students identified that stress affected their individual academic performance during the last 12 months of their studies (Temple,2011). Temple (2011) reported a survey conducted in 2004 that assessed the overall well-being of 47,202 undergraduates nationwide. The findings were that 32.4 percent of students recognized stress as the main obstacle to their academic performance. This was said to be above the common cold, depression, death of a relative, sexual assault and eating disorders. Stress is “once considered as the nation’s number one health epidemic; prolonged stress can lead to ulcers, heart disease, stroke, major depression and to a shorter life span” (Temple, 2011).

Based on these findings from research done previously I feel that this study is important. Firstly, we need to understand what causes the stressors and how it affects the individual. For example, if you have an entire university with stressed students, not being productive, not performing well academically perhaps thinking of dropping out of university because of the overwhelming anxiety; it can be detrimental to the institution in terms of status and students in terms of individual realisation. Secondly, we soon have to formulate effective and efficient stress management guidelines as we
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