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Research Question Through my research I have found that most suburbs do not have the proper infrastructure to help those in poverty. The amount of pre-existing resource centers is small in number and also spread out sparsely throughout the town unlike within a large city where resource facilities are higher in number and geographically concentrated within the core. In Oakville, low income housing is tucked away, further exacerbating the problem by keeping it hidden within the otherwise wealthy community. And since most people can afford to drive, the public transportation network is less developed in the amount of routes and frequency of rides, making it more difficult for impoverished citizens to get to their workplace, foodbanks, or…show more content…
The main sources that I’ve found to provide a list of resources for people living in poverty are from the Oak Park Neighborhood Centre and a list compiled by the University of Toronto’s Occupational Science & Occupational Therapy department. Using the listed services I’m able to do further research on those individual organizations and plot them geographically onto the map to analyze their distance in relation to neighborhoods with high poverty rates. These organizations include the Lighthouse Shelter, Oakville Fare Share Foodbank, and CMHA Oakville, all of which have their own statistics on the user rates of their organization. The last group of sources I’d like to touch upon are news outlets such as the Oakville Beaver, Huffington Post Canada, and the Toronto Star, which feature articles on the rising rates of poverty in the suburbs and housing market increases throughout the years. An article by Daniel Tencer for Huffington Post Canada discusses the growth of suburban poverty through food bank statistics and Professor David Hulchanski’s “three cities” report from 2010 which shows poverty in Toronto shifting out of the city center and into surrounding areas. The Oakville Beaver is a good source for articles focusing on the town itself such as a 2011 article on the rising rates of poverty in Oakville that covers statistics and what the city has been doing to help aid those in need. This source also led me to the Oakville Chamber of Commerce site which
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