Research Question. Where Does Organizational Culture Begin

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Research Question Where does organizational culture begin or end? More specifically, where is this culture deriving from. In organizations, it is unclear where this culture is built from and who is responsible for it? Is it implemented by management, previous management or higher up? And the large ‘who’ question is asked, who determined these values, how are they regulated? Also, asking what is the role of communication in organizational culture? Organizational culture, invisible and often overlooked, affects everyone. It is the unspoken way of doing things or things you don’t do. This is extremely interesting to me and I am looking forward to do further research into this topic to discover some answers. Literature Review Introduction…show more content…
“Corporate culture can be referred to as a set of values, beliefs, and behavior patterns that form the key identity of organizations and that help in determining their employees’ manners” (Ooi & Arumugam, 2006). This article really focusses on the dimensions of corporate culture, and how they relate to each other. Mentioning how when a new member enters the work environment, other employees teach them the appropriate way to do things. Additionally, what a large part communication plays in corporate culture and an excellent business environment (Ooi & Arumugam, 2006). The employees training and/or introducing new employees to the company really shape organizational culture and play a large role in the creation and maintenance of culture. Similarly, compared to the first study the methodology used was surveys given to the full-time employees, and there was a response rate of 75.4%. Now, seeing a trend in the methodology with the first few studies. In addition, the next study we are analyzing a studying that is testing the effects that a strong organizational culture has on their employees. As well as, how we attain that strong corporate culture. Almost 200 employees were sampled, finding out their values and opinions on the culture at their workplace. Also, looking at the effect when everyone’s values are harmonious how much of a positive difference it makes in the workplace
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