Research Questionnaire For Coca Cola

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In this assignment, the author will analyses, and identify the differences between the basic and base concept of the research questionnaire. The research questionnaire is the best methods individual or a group of people can use to do their market research and get feedback from their target customers. The researcher will find the answers by making a smarter market survey with customers, which have to be in a form of business decision. The research questionnaire will help researcher to know the choice of consumers in the market, and how aware are they about the particular brand product. It makes it easy for the researcher to investigate about particular brand popularity in the market. For example Coca Cola brand product, Diet Coke and its related brand diet Pepsi by comparing them from consumers’ choices. If the researcher wants to plan his questionnaire for market research, must be carefully examined the research questionnaire plan thoroughly. This research involves market research about Coca Cola brand product Diet Coke and its related brand product Diet Pepsi, which one is most popular with consumers in the market. This paper will carefully analyze the soft drink industries, and the possibility for Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi in the market, and carefully study the internal and external business atmosphere for both the soft drink and critically examined the industries and their most suitable marketing strategies. The researcher will be responsible for his own research
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