Research Questions And Methods. I Have Decided To Narrow

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Research Questions and Methods

I have decided to narrow down my scope to looking at only the graduating class of Texas A&M. The main reason for this choosing this particular university is that the student body is known to be largely Christian. At the same time, the school is a top institution when it comes to the fields of engineering. Biological and biomedical sciences are also popular fields to major in and I was interested in learning how those fields fit in with the religious views of many of the students there. A survey that is sent out to the graduating class will be the beginning of my research. I will be handing it out on campus during a small period of time and it will also be sent out to everyone’s emails. Student data will
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The survey will be somewhat lengthy so I had to make the incentive more attractive. The first part of the survey will ask general questions such as the major of the student and their religious affiliation. If they identify as a Christian, their specified denomination will also be asked. From there the survey will direct them to a religiosity test (The Francis scale of attitude towards Christianity). The test is composed of questions that seek to reveal the opinions of someone toward aspects of Christian teachings. Students will be given number values for their opinions on things like the importance of church and acknowledging the importance of God in the lives of individuals. Afterward, the survey will ask them questions about important scientific principles such as the Evolution and the belief that humans have been major contributors of climate change. They will be asked if they agree or disagree with them, whether their religion is factor in that, whether their education has been a factor in that, whether beliefs from their religion about that topic have conflicted with their education regarding that topic, and whether their opinion on that topic was different in the past. The end of it will be a chance to write out explanations for things they would like to expand on if they feel their multiple-choice answers were inadequate. Some of these students will be asked to be interviewed so I can get a better
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