Research Questions On Gender Stereotyping And Workplace Female Discrimination

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1 Running Head: Unfair Treatment 1 Table of Contents Abstract 4 List of Tables 5 Section 1: Introduction 5 Background/Situation 5 Problem/Issue 6 evidence to Justify the Study 6 Research Questions 7 Definition of Terms 8 Summary 8 Section 2: Literature Review 9 Theme 1 - Stereotyping 9 Theme 2 - Leadership Qualities 12 Theme 3 - Personality Attributes 14 Theme 4 - Family vs. Career 15 Summary 17 Section 3: Analysis 17 Relevant Facts About Praising the Efforts of all Succesful Employees 17 Detailed Information on Gender Stereotyping and Workplace Female Discrimination 19 Analysis of the Causes and Effects of Workplace Female Discrimination 20 Alternatives and Possible Solutions 23 Solution 1: Praising the Efforts of All Succesful Employees 24 Solution 2: Use of Checks and Balances 23 Solution 3: Re-evaluating Criteria 24 Section 4: Recommendations and Conclusions 25 Recommendations and Conclusions 26-28 References 29 Abstract Various issues and in organizations, but discrimination and racism are the ones that still continue to be prevalent (Badawi & M., 2012). However, this paper focuses on the discrimination issues, especially those of the female gender. The problem is that female managers and supervisors are perceived more negatively than their male counterparts due to gender stereotyping. Facts obtained regarding this issue have been derived from the findings of research studies conducted in the past, as well as from results obtained from preliminary interviews
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