Research Questions On Mutual Fund

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Sections 1: Research question Mutual fund has been existing for a long time, but there are still a lot of details about it are not very clear. Generally, this paper is discussing not only the overall performance of mutual funds, but also the functions of each subpart and how are they related to each other. Specifically, there are several questions been answered: how is mutual funds’ overall performance? What is the factor that affects its behaviour the most? How does each composition affect the overall performance? Will there be any differences between the actively managed funds and passively managed funds? How are mutual funds’ performance compared with other market index during the past, specifically from 1975 to 1994? How to understand the fund’s performance by looking at the correlations and so on? By studying these questions separately, a better understanding of mutual funds and their properties will be obtained.
Section 2: Contribution (the main findings of the paper This paper presents a new modelling method, which enable us to analyse mutual fund industry in great details. By merging two sets of database together, it will be easier to make comparisons, as well as analysing what is the factor that causes some certain behaviour. On top of that, it will be easier and more direct to determine the relationship between the management and performance. Generally speaking, this paper unravels some properties found in the mutual fund market. Mutual funds held stock
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