Research Questions On Technology And Software Solutions Essay

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2.1 Research questions
The following questions will be addressed in this research:
1. What opportunities exist within the practice for the introduction of technology and software solutions that would enable automation of many of the existing processes used in each of the three divisions?
2. Do any software solutions currently exist that would allow for the sharing and aggregation of data across the three divisions?
3. Will further automation lead to an enhanced customer experience?
4. Will staff or clients feel threatened by further automation and introduction of digital technology in the practice?
5. How will the practice expand their services, spur innovation and grow overall business through the use of new technology solutions?

2.2 Significance of the project

Historically, Quill Group has operated as a multi-disciplined financial services practice with little integration between the three distinct silos or service offerings of accounting, financial planning and SMSF administration.

Many clients access more than one service from the practice, however in most cases individual software platforms used by each division do not facilitate the sharing of client data across different software platforms. This significantly reduces the opportunity to target existing clients for use of additional services. By overcoming this problem, the job of marketing additional services to existing clients would be made easier and lead to better co-operation and integration between the three
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