Research Questions : World War II Essay

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US History Name: Savannah Roberts Research Questions: World War II Directions: Answer each of the following by researching the topic, summarizing the information, and writing a response to the prompt in your own words. Follow these points for each response: • Find at least one official source for each topic o NOT Wikipedia/ unsubstantiated sources • Summarize the information, writing it in your own words o NOT using direct quotations • Write in complete sentences, not bullet points • Each response should be at least 1 paragraph in length • Cite each source, using MLA format, at the end of each paragraph • Word-process your work, and submit it to the Dropbox on Bright space 1. What kinds of opportunities did the war create for Americans at home? The war brought many opportunities for Americans at home. The war created many job opportunities for both American men and women. Leading up to the war, thousands of American men began to join the armed forces. Women began to work in factories creating supplies that would be used during the war. Americans used mass production as a way to scare the enemy. The war also advanced the rights of women as they were given the rights to work and provide money for their families. They were helping build airplanes, ships, and many other forms of technology. Some women were making up to $32 a week, a drastic change compared to the amount of money they made before the war. ( Staff. "The U.S. Home Front During
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