Research Rationale: The Influence of Weblog on the Reading Motivation of Undergraduate Students

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Discussion The rationale behind the present study was an investigation of the influence of weblog on the reading motivation of undergraduate students. Based on the empirical data, it could be inferred that there was an increase in students' reading motivation. As indicated earlier, this can only be attributed to the use of blog. On the other hand, we found little or no change in motivation within the control group. This situation can best be interpreted when it is understood the implementation of the blog took place within the experimental class only. In terms of overall reading motivation, results suggest a significant influence on the intention of intent to using blog as a useful tool. It was clear the blogging experiment was…show more content…
This difference can be accounted for by the fact that blogging activities provide various facilities that promote literacy practice. Furthermore, the findings seem to confirm that both face-to-face methods and blogging activities enhance students' reading to some extent. Students in both groups were more motivated at the end of the experiment. We can safely conclude that CALL activities greatly assist traditional methods of teaching particularly in the second language learning context. Reader self-concept has also been a major focus of this research. Previous studies already mentioned above have shown that student's reading competence influences the reader's self-concept in that highly competent reader are more likely to evidence a positive self-concept. The present findings showed that students who defined themselves as good readers were significantly more likely to rate themselves as proficient readers than students who seemed to accept that they were non-readers. Despite minimal change in the results, students who participated in the blog experiment scored increasingly higher for motivation as opposed to students who did not. Moreover, it can also be assumed that learning aids may bring tangible improvements to learners. By way of illustration, 75% of group A students reported that they had tried to express what they had read in their own words, and 38% of them claimed they would not

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