Research / Reflections On Success And Failure

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Research/Reflections on Success and Failure in IM leadership/management
Why Business Analyst, why not continue as a software developer? Having worked as an application developer and environment support for an IT project, I had designed and developed applications as per the business requirements. However, I was always intrigued about why the business wants to change that functionality. As a developer, I never knew the answer to that question. I wanted a role that would bring me closer to the business aspect of a project. A role where I could apply my analytical and problem solving skills. A role where I could improve he performance of a business. The role of business analyst certainly fits that criteria.

One of the famous business analysts is Tim Coventry who has written articles like “Why Good Business Analysis Is a CIO 's Best Friend” and “Why You Need Good Business Analysis: Better Business Performance” to name a few. He is the Consulting Director for Business Analysts Pty Ltd (BAPL). BAPL is an expert business analysis company offering business analysis services for initiatives or projects in almost all domains [1]. He has designed, created and delivered business analysis courses based on the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK®). He has expertise in all phases of the software development life cycle (SDLC), and specializes in developing Business Analysis "Centre of Excellence" (BACoE) and performing business analysis maturity assessment. He developed a Business
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