Research Regarding Suicidal Behavior in Children and Adolescentes

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A research was conducted on SSRIs and NSRIs associated with risk of suicidal behaviours in children and adolescents. (Tamar D et al., 2005). This is a randomised clinical trial conducted between 1984 and 2002. A total of 22 short-term double-bind placebo-controlled trials are studied. The study comprises more than 4000 paediatric patients and age ranges were varied between children and adolescents in the trials (p.80). As the results from precious findings have been ambiguous, this research aimed to provide further evidence and validity on the effect on antidepressant (SSRI) that leads to suicidal risk in children and adolescents. It was reported that Europeans authorities by pharmaceutical companies were recognized and studied for events…show more content…
In this study, total of 4000 patients were involved (p.80). Suicide however is an infrequent incident which requires bigger sample size with longer follow-up to evaluate the risk fully. Minimizing variation is often an advantage in a study with a smaller sample size but also means the results cannot be apply to the whole population. In addition, this study used a longitudinal measure where the researchers need to firmly know the condition of the patients in between the years in order to make a reliable conclusion of their study (p.80). One problem that was often faced is the patients’ withdrawal from the study at times. This leads to reducing amount of data collected, decreased in sample size and the validity of the study will be questioned. In this situation, researchers frequently turned to retrospective study where it involves considering historical information such as medical records. Last but not least, this study also lacked of prior research studies. It was observed that there were no reliable contradicting researches where it proves that SSRIs do not lead to increase in suicidal risks in children and adolescents. Some improvements that are necessary for this study would be long term follow-up as the trials are designed only to examine the short-term effects of SSRIs, however likelihood that the efficiency of treatment is only apparent over a longer period of time should not be excluded. In addition, sample size and the method selecting patients to

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