Research Report On Data Collection

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In this chapter, the focus is on the methodology used in the study. It include the data collection, data source, variables, research design, theoretical research framework, sampling design, test consideration for data analysis, hypotheses statement and conclusion.

Data collection involves the process of gathering information and data either from primary or secondary data. In this study only secondary data is used.
3.2.1 Secondary Data
Secondary data refers to the statistical material which is obtained from someone else records. Secondary data helped researcher’s understanding so as to define problem, formulate research design and interpret the results. This type of data is generally taken from sources
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The values can differ at various times for the same objects or person. The variables consist of dependent and independent.

3.3.1 Dependent Variable
The dependent variable is denoted as variable of primary interest to the researcher as it provides a measurement of the effect of the independent variables. In this research, foreign direct investment (FDI) is the designated dependent variable where it indicates the outcome of the change brought about by changes in the independent variables.
3.3.2 Independent Variables
Independent variables (predictor variables) are the ones that influence the dependent variable and they explain the variance in dependent variable. In this research, gross domestic product (GDP), interest rate (IR), exchange rate (ER), inflation rate (IFR), unemployment rate (UR), company tax (CT) and labour cost (LC) are the independent variables that were used to
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