Research Report On Lunar Capital Management

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Thirdly, the principle demand investment institutions to disclose the information of environmental, social and governance issues appropriately. The company is required to provide standardised reporting on these issues, Meanwhile, merge ESG issues into annual financial reports. Moreover, the company should provide information relating to adoption of relevant standards or codes of conduct. To disclose ESG issue on reports could prevent some companies from doing some harmful investments to the ESG issues for the purpose of making profits. Lunar Capital Management do have the RI Transparency Report to disclose the relevant aspects about the company and ESG issues. In addition, it also has appropriate financial reports for all portfolio firms to increase the transparency, such as weekly KPI reports.

The next principle is to promote the Principles accepted and implemented by the investment industry. At present, there are only 62 countries as signatories including 318 Asset Owners, 1053 Investment Managers and 213 Service Providers. This datas are barely satisfactory. The phenomenon shows that many countries and publics do not discover the significance of environmental, social and governance issues. According to the forth principle, the company should convey expectations of ESG issues to the providers of investment service and resurvey the relationships with those providers in terms of the issue of dissatisfying ESG expectations. Based on Lunar Capital example, it merged the ESG
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