Research Report On Management Consulting Industry

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Startegic Research Report on Management Consulting Industry
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Table of Contents
Executive Summary 1
1.0 Introduction 2
2.0 Industry Overview 2
2.1 Industry’s Selections Objectives 2
2.2 Industry’s Drivers 2
Technological Factors 2
Legislative Factors 3
3.0 Strategic Tools and Analysis 3
3.1 PESTEL Analysis 3
3.2 Porter Five Forces Analysis 4
3.3 SWOT Analysis 6
3.3.1 General SWOT Analysis 6
3.3.2 Internal factor Analysis Summary 7
3.4 SFAS Matrix (Strategic Factor Analysis
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the detailed analysis is covered in the following sections of the report.

1.0 Introduction Knowledge plays an important role in the development of business. Increased competition and tough market condition has motivated the companies to adopt the better ways to market the products and increase the sales for the company. This report has been prepared on consulting industry which plays an important game changers in today’s fast pace technology driven environment by acting as a pool of knowledge and talent.
Technology has impacted everyone’s life, and this is one of the reasons why many chose to invest in the services of management consulting to improve organizational efficiency and effectiveness. This industry was historically founded in the year 1986 but it becomes popular after the emergence of IT industry. At present the industry has more than 15 big companies operating all over USA and in the New York region.
2.0 Industry Overview
2.1 Industry’s Selections Objectives
The various analytical objectives of selecting Consulting industry at New York region to do analysis are as follows:-
Management consulting and Service industry shows a very noteworthy amount of GDP i.e. 4-5%% of the entire USA
• It is a important sector which is necessary to fulfill business requirements in healthy way.
• It is amongsts the two largest service industry along with
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