Research Report On Springdale Phone Survey

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Springdale Phone Survey
There are surveys being taken by many corporations, large or small, to gather information. This information is helpful in making improvements to certain processes. In fact, the Economics and Statistics Administration (2015) indicated that “the American Community Survey (ACS) is the largest continuous household survey in the United States, providing a wealth of information about the economic, social, and demographic characteristics of persons, as well as housing characteristics” (para. 1). Not every survey has to regard large scale issues or debates on a national level. For instance, the Springdale phone survey data is regarding issues consumers may run into while shopping at local malls. In an effort to continually improve processes such as: staffing, returns, convenient hours, and cleanliness, store owners and city official may take a random survey by calling folks in the community and ask for information on these issues. Can the data really make an impact on future sales? Without collecting the data, one would never know. Therefore, it is imperative to attempt to collect it.
Overview of the Survey
There were 150 participants in this survey that were asked to rate certain issues on a scale of importance to his or her shopping experiences from 1 (the attribute is not very important in choosing a shopping area) to 7 (the attribute is very important in choosing a shopping area). The issues the participants were asked ranged from: how easy it was to…
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