Research Schools and Pluralism

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The view of the world is different in the mind of every individual, but at times these views correspond establishing research schools. In the world of politics, research schools have different ontological and epistemological assumptions which allows them to view the state and power differently. Their primary concern is to figure out the nature of the world and be able to figure out what one is going to focus on and disregard. The four main research school are pluralism, rational choice, institutionalism and Marxism. Pluralism embraces societal values, culture and interests which they believe are the driven force of political outcomes. Rational choice focuses on the individuals’ self interest and self awareness and believes that an…show more content…
Marxist’s primary concern is the struggles of the working class battling exploitation as the capitalist class obtains as much value from their labour as they can.# While pluralist believe that the crack in political outcomes is created by multiple groups, Marxists believe that the conflict is centralized within the struggle between the workers and the capitalists. The state is not vulnerable as pluralists believe but it is essentially capitalist where class power is the lever to political outcomes.# When it comes to describing the world as it is, both research schools accurately explain the relationship between power and the state. However to a certain degree, it is most dependent on the nature of the state. For example, in a democratic country like Canada, interest groups play a large role in policy decisions. First Nations interest groups were able to influence policy decisions which has helped them achieve a wide range of benefits from the government, from health assistance to income assistance and government programs primarily directed to them.# They were able to influence without the economic resources that Marxism is fond of. Everyone has access to power but it is dependent on the individual’s active participation and the way it is organized.# However a Marxist may argue that the policy decisions
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