Research Setting And Context Of Public School

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Research Setting and Context The site of research selected for this study was decided upon by the researcher. Taking into consideration the researcher knows and understands all aspects of the district and having established a strong, trusting relationship with the school, parents, and community while serving the district in multiple capacities over the past twenty-one years. This gave the researcher the opportunity and abilities to select sites they felt comfortable to express their comments and feelings. The two sites selected within the Oilton Public School district included Timothy C. Arnold Middle School, serving approximately 100 student in grades 6-8, and Oilton High School, serving approximately 95 students in grades 9-12. The researcher selected these two school sites based on the low levels of parent involvement, high poverty status in which 100% of the students qualify for free and reduced breakfast and lunch, high percentage of incarcerated rates as a result of high levels of drug addictions in the district, and the school districts school-wide Title I status. Additionally, the researcher selected these two sites within the district to examine levels of parent involvement as a means of increasing academic achievement in the intermediate and secondary levels. Therefore, both school sites can benefit from this study to increase parental involvement to help students achieve academic success. The researcher conducted a multi-site case study using thirty-five…
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