Research Skills Within A Contemporary Health Environment

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Kaz Hoad
HLTEN514B – Apply research skills within a contemporary health environment
Due Date Monday 08 December 2014
Assessment 1 and 2

Assessment 1 Critical Analysis
Six reasons to say NO to vaccination
By Sarah Pope - the Healthy Home Economist, May 25th 2010
Sarah, The Healthy Home Economist, nutrition blogger, and best-selling author who writes about the effective, practical application of traditional diet and holistic, evidence-based wellness within the setting of a modern household.
The subject article chosen is about the negatives of immunization. The purpose appears to be to deter people from immunization.
The research on this article is not clear, but
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The author states that children who are immunized are less healthy in general than non-immunized children.
One of the strengths of this article is that the author encourages research before making a decision in regards to immunization.
There are a number of weaknesses to discuss, the validity of the research is questionable, (due to further research, contradicting her claims. ) The statement made about Japanese immunization was found to be incorrect.
Some of the authors information is generalized such as statements like “I have NEVER met a fully vaccinated child that is healthier and more robust than a well nourished, unvaccinated child. “
A lot of the statements made are based on her own beliefs and are not backed up by facts and figures. “ Someday there will be a study that shows that unvaccinated children have many less health problems than their vaccinated peers. Don’t wait until this study is finally done because it will be too late for your child.” Is an example of this kind of statement.
The article seemed biased and did not base statements on facts and research or any scientific proof.

Assessment 2 Research Proposal

A Survey: Immunistation statistics in Australia,
Regions of high or low coverage of vaccination

Table of contents

Assessment 2 of 2 Research Proposal
The Aim of the Study
Literature Review 1 ‘ The Science of Immunisation’
Literature Review 2 ‘Immunisation – reducing health inequality for Indigenous
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