Research Statistics and Psychology Paper

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Research Statistics and Psychology Paper Roberta Parker PSY/315 June 10, 2011 Dr. Julie Wilson Research Statistics and Psychology Paper Research plays a major role in psychology, which research is understood through statistics. Psychologists depend on research to understand theories and to understand how people behave, think, and feel. Research needs to be organized to be understood by psychologists; therefore statistics help organize the information and make the connection between the research and group of people. A strong connection exists between research, statistics, and psychology, which helps others understand how, parts of psychology because the information is broken down. “Psychologists use statistical methods to help them…show more content…
The scientific method is simple; it is like doing a science project in school. First you need to have a question, it can be anything you want, then you need to create a hypothesis, what you think the outcome or answer is going to be, next comes the research, you need to find facts or data that will help you prove your hypothesis, now you must test your hypothesis to see if it is true or not, next you analyze all the data from the tests and finally you have a conclusion that tells you if the original hypothesis is true or not. When using the scientific method to figure out statistics a primary source is an original object or document -- the raw material or first-hand information. Primary sources contain legal documents, eyewitness accounts, and historical results of experiments, statistical data, parts of original writing, and painting objects. In the natural and social sciences, research where an experiment was done or a complete study was made. The results of empirical studies are typically found in scholarly articles or papers delivered at conferences, so those articles and papers that present the original
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