Research : Structured And Unstructured Dataset

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There are two types of data in this research: structured and unstructured dataset. The structured dataset was downloaded from an open source website that is organised by The file provides the information about road safety data of Great Britain in 2014 that include personal injury, types of vehicle and casualties (, 2015). It consists of three CSV files (, 2015): • DftRoadSafety_Accidents_2014.csv - contain a summary of accidents in Great Britain. • DftRoadSafety_Casualties_201.csv - contain a list of casualties that is related to those specific the accidents in Great Britain. • DftRoadSafety_Vehicles_2014.csv - contain a list of vehicles that is related to those certain accidents in Great Britain. The unstructured dataset was downloaded from website. It is a dataset of all meta-data for every dataset that are provided by service (, 2010). It consists of two CSV files that is linked by a dataset name entity: dataset.csv and resources.csv (, 2010). In order to obtain a particular data size, a custom record replication process had been done to generate the following artificial CSV files. There was not any disposal action taken because the data itself was from an open source that is available for public. ------------------------------------------ The weakness of the relational database was unfolded by the rise of web-driven application (Lake and Crowther, 2013; Dede et al., 2013), whereas

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