Research Study : Acupressure Improves Sleep Quality Of Psychogeriatric Patients

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In the article “Acupressure Improves Sleep Quality of Psychogeriatric Patients” the researcher’s purpose was to test the effectiveness of acupressure, specifically with psychogeriatric inpatients diagnosed with affective disorders. Though previous studies conducted found that acupressure results in greater improvement in sleep quality, they were based solely on subjective data using self-reported questionnaires. In this study the researchers sought to test the effectiveness of acupressure using both subjective and objective data to provide stronger evidence supporting the sleep-promoting effects of acupressure. The sample was obtained from a psychiatric hospital and consisted of sixty geriatric mood disorder inpatients with sleep difficulties. The patients were assigned randomly by flipping coins to either an experimental group or a control group. Both groups received standard medical care and assessments. The experimental group received 9-minute acupressure treatments daily for four weeks. The control group received routine care only. The inclusion criteria used to obtain the sample consisted of psychogeriatric inpatients aged sixty-five and older. The patients selected had been diagnosed with affective disorders based on the on Diagnostic and Statistic Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition, Text Revision. In addition to a diagnosis of an affective disorder, the patients also had problems of sleep disturbances indicated by a score of 5 or higher on the PSQI. All

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