Research Study : Motivation Of First Generation College Students

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Laila Chaoui
Process for Analyzing Research Studies
Analyzing Research: motivation of first generation college students
1. I utilized the University of North Florida’s search bar through the library to find my article. I typed into the search bar “motivating first generation college students”. I wanted to find research that explored different ways utilized by institutions to motivate and retain their first generation college students. This article is from the NASPA Journal which is a journal I have used frequently in the past as it is most directly related to my chosen field. The reference for the article found is:
Bradbury, B, & Mather, P. (2009). The Integration of First Year- Generation College Students from Ohio Appalachia. NASPA Journal, 46(2), 258-281.

2. The background utilized within this research was how an enormous portion of the college student population have now become first- generation college students which typically means that they are at higher risk for lower graduation rates than their peers who nonfirst- generation. This study also takes into consideration how the residents of the Appalachian region were less likely to graduate and get into college than their peers. This study also defines first generation college students as students whose parents did not graduate from college, it was also found that these students tended to be older than the nonfirst generation peers and that the likelihood of them arriving “ from low- income families” (Bradbury &
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