Research Study On Behavior Management

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The article discusses findings from four years of empirical research regarding behavior management in the classroom. More specifically, the article focuses on the findings and implications of a rarely discussed behavior known as “teacher retreating.” Teacher retreating is defined as the “behavior that occurs in the classroom when a teacher backs down after one or more students undermine the teacher’s authority by failing to comply” (Ratcliff, Carroll, & Hunt, 2014, p. 170). Furthermore, the research consisted of four independent studies where a total of 91 classrooms from grade levels 2, 4, 6, 8, and high school were observed. It’s important to note that the teachers involved in the study were required to have completed a college preparation program and have a minimum of three-years teaching experience. As a guide for the study, researchers focused on various components of classroom management behaviors. For instance, researchers examined both teachers and students’ interactions during the administering of behavior management, the length of time teachers devoted to managing student behavior and the effect it had on direct teaching, and how different classroom management techniques affected the rate of student on-task behavior. Researchers observed the verbal interactions of students and teachers—labeling the interaction as either behavior management or instruction focused. Data were collected during unannounced visits and consisted of several segments that ranged from 30 to
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