Research Study On College Age Smokers

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Qualitative Study Review Ayalon Mauda Bellevue University Beti Thompson, Anne L. Thompson, Jennifer Hymer, and Susan Zbikowsi conducted and wrote the study “A Qualitative Study of Attitudes, Beliefs, and Practices Among 40 Undergraduate Smokers” published in the Journal of American College Healthy, 2007. This study had aimed discern more information about the perspectives of college-age smokers. Studies are done in subjugation of smokers to understand what may influence this unhealthy behavior, as in all psychology: understanding the root and trigger of a problem may bring the solution. This study has specifically focused on the college-age population of smokers in an aim to understand the cause and cessation of smoking cigarettes. In result, the study has concluded that college-age smokers are in their prime to be influenced by their environment into either picking up smoking as a habit or putting it down. The study had strong uses of qualitative questioning in the interviews, which allowed for adequate descriptive responses to be taken. However, one of the weakness of this study would be the limited sample size. The subjects in question of this study is the smoking habit of 40 undergraduates in American universities. This is the observation of addiction to nicotine, a widely reported phenomenon that affects the health of one billion people daily. (1) This study plans to provide more light into an area of research that does not have a lot of
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