Research Study On Data Collection Methods

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Data Collection Methods This research study would use paper and pencil method, an achievement test. The participants would be taking a progress monitoring test. This type of method is appropriate for the study because it gives accurate data about student’s abilities before the start of the research study. It is also used at the end of the study for the scores can be compared between each class and initial scores. Instruments First off, the students would take a progress monitoring test. The test would be a reading progress monitoring test to determine where the students are at before the research experiment and again at the end of the experiment. The test is called R-CBM. The R-CBM is a one minute test that requires the student to read aloud. The test consists of three passages. The student will read three one minute passages and the median score is taken. Based on the students reading level, and grade level is how the teacher will know what the student will read. Special education teachers are given district progress monitoring binders that contain different passages for reading levels and grade levels. The type of data would be interval data. The type of data would be interval because it measures cognitive ability. A progress monitoring test would be like an achievement test because it measures a student’s current proficiency. It provides information about what the student has learned. Procedure of Test The researcher would tell the two special education teachers to
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