Research Study On Data Imports

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Data Imports, Incorporated is considering making changes within their organization. In an effort to determine if it is the right time to make these changes, Data Imports conducted a qualitative and quantitative mixed-research study. Eight respondents were included in the data study. The qualitative study collected data about the participant’s feelings towards change and when they feel an organization is ready for change. The quantitative study utilized a likert scale (range of 1 to 6) to collect data about how positively or negatively the participant felt about his/her coworkers, boss, managers, and change within the organization. Descriptive Data The eight participants in the study ranged from 22 to 62. There was a 50/50 split between male and females, and 50% were college educated with the other 50% education unknown. 50% of the respondents had management experience, and 50% of the respondents had none. In an effort to determine if Data Imports is ready for operational changes, qualitative and quantitative data analysis was conducted. This paper will compare the outcomes of those studies against Kotter’s Eight Steps to Organizational Change. Analysis of Data According to Kotter (1997), the first step for organizational change is creating a sense of urgency. Kotter discusses that in order for change to be successful, 75% of a company’s managers should support the change. This reflects the participant’s feelings as well. One respondent answered “management appears to be
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