Research Study On Homeless People With Disability

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CHAPTER: 4 DATA ANALYSES After completion of data collection the data entered into the statistical package for social sciences (SPSS 20.0 software) for analyzing the data. The data set consisted of a total of 86 variables. In the study there are eighty six variables included in SPSS. In this research study the Homeless People with Disability is the respondent. The findings of this study are discussed in this chapter. Demographical Profile Homeless people with disability residing in the Shivaji Nagar, govandi, chembur, cheeta camp, lallubhai compound, R.C.F marg which is located in M East ward of Mumbai were interviewed for collecting data. A purposive as well as snowball sampling was used, in that sample will select physical (orthopaedic impairments), visual impairments, hearing and speech & intellectual disability. A total of 60 HPWD were spoken to covering 87% single individual HPWD and 13% families. 32 males and 28 females overall were interviewed. In this research 63.3 % respondent have Orthopedic impairment, 18.3% visual impairment, 3.3% hearing and speech impairment and 15% respondent having intellectual impairment. Findings regarding the educational status of Homeless people with disability indicate that 61 percent (37 respondents) are illiterate while 18 percent (11 respondents) have not completed primary education. 7 percent of parents (4 respondents) have completed primary schooling while 8 percent have completed secondary schooling. The data shows that the
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