Research Study On Instructional Practices

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This study was an action research study meant to benefit the instructional practices in my fourth grade classroom. These findings could have a positive effect on my practice, others within my field, and students. As a result of this study I plan to improve my teaching practices by giving students a variety of opportunities to make choices within the classroom environment. This will allow students to “own” their own learning experiences and feel powerful within the classroom (Tomlinson, 2001). As a result of this experience I believe students need time to develop their confidence when making choices. I plan to provide students with meaningful learning experiences in which they are encouraged to make choices. This includes continuing to create instruction based menus for each math unit within the fourth grade curriculum. This will allow students to practice making choices. In addition, this will allow high readiness students to choose a variety of tasks to continue their mathematical thinking when they are done early. This creates more time to work with low and medium readiness students. I would also like to extend the practice of menus into other subjects, specifically science and social studies. I believe allowing students to choose their own topic or activity to show their understanding of the content will be a very powerful practice. Students learn, grow, and find interest in different learning experiences. Choice within science and social studies will allow students to
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