Research Study On Research And Research

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3.1 Introduction The chapter focuses on to identify the research approach, research onion and the research philosophy to conduct the research in proper manner. The research design based on which the entire research will be conducted is identified in the chapter in details. Robson and McCartan (2016) argued that the specific research process requires to be identified by the researcher to conduct the research efficiently. The research methodology identified in the chapter will help the researcher to formulate the outcomes of the study. 3.2 Method Outline This section deals with the research procedures of the study. In the research, the research the descriptive research is chosen to analyse the collected data from various trustable sources. The section will help the researcher to understand the research study in appropriate manner. Mackey and Gass (2015) stated that the quantitative analysis is done based on the collected data from various sources. The quantitative analysis is done by collecting the data from the company’s website, statistical sites and the published journals over the internet. The qualitative analysis is done by taking the interview of the stakeholders of the company. 3.3 Research Philosophy The first layer of the research onion is the research philosophy. The research philosophy deals with the concepts of epistemology. The epistemology of the research philosophy includes the realism, positivism, interpretivism, objectivism, ontology of the research. The
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