Research Study On Stanford Prison Experiment

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PART A: QUESTION ONE – Research Design and Method: Name the experiment or research you have chosen: Stanford Prison Experiment Name the researcher/s involved: Phillip Zimbardo When was the experiment conducted? 1970 's What is the Research Problem being studied? (Step One) The research problem being studied is; how does the attitude of the administrate in a prison effect the lives and mindset of the inmates in the prison? "that the state of the social institution of prison is due to the ‘nature ' of the people who administrate it, or the ‘nature ' of the people who populate it, or both." Zimbardo, 1973, A Study of Prisoners and Guards in a Simulated Prison, page 2 Zimbardo implies the reason there are negative attitudes in prisons is because of the authority figures in the prison rather than the inmates themselves (although to some extent they do play a part in the aggression). What is the Hypothesis? (Step Two) the negative personality traits of prisoners and guards are the main cause of abusive behaviour in prison. The hypothesis was something that Zimbardo seemed to not entirely believe himself but thought it some extent it had to be right, given other research in the field pointed toward I being true but more on the prisoner 's side, than the guards. Describe the Research Method (Experimental Design)? (Step Three) The research method is quite simple, Zimbardo put an ad in a newspaper asking for male volunteers to take part in a
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