Research Study On The Field Of Specialisation

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The article’s researchers appear to have adequate knowledge in the field they have written. Researchers should have the right academic achievement in their field of specialisation. There is a doctor among the researchers from the school of Diabetes and Nutritional Sciences department at the school of Medicine, King College London. Their other qualifications are not stated. The Maternal and Child Nutrition published this article, which is an association of professionals. This ensured that the publication would be well researched and reliable.

Year: 2012
The article was published as recently as October 2012; therefore, it appears as an up to date article to answer my research question.
Volume and issue number: 15(9),
Pages: 1661–1669
This article was chosen because it is recent, relevant to the research question and conducted in United Kingdom. Aveyard (2014) states that the critique and detailed analysis of an article for review is an important step to addressing the author’s objective for the review.
Study Purpose

The study’s aim was to assess understanding of UK weaning guidelines in a sample of UK mothers and to ascertain the various sources of weaning advice accessed by first time mothers in the UK (Moore et al, 2014). Parahoo (2014) states that the aim should be stated clearly for each research undertaken. This study clearly stated the purpose of the research and what it hoped to achieve. This helped me to determine that the article would answer my…
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