Research Study Proposal - Part Iv : Target Population Selection

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Research Study Proposal – Part IV: Target Population Selection • Rationale for identified target population The target population refers to the group(s) that the proposed study is designed and intended to realistically serve. The application of the guidelines is aimed at enhancing the credibility of the program establishment, and for which effective responses are not currently provided. Research and experience have indicated that 68% of nearly 3.8 million retail establishments in the U.S. believe that they are overburdened without strategic process guideline (National Retail Federation (NRF). (2016). Hence, a strategic process guideline for establishing assisted living program will serve well the intended proprietors in this category. I aim at providing strategic information process guidelines for establishing assisted living program, the target population includes proprietors who desire to establish assisted living for low to high levels of care. Moderate care level programs accepts residents who require a moderate level of care. High level of care program accepts residents who require comprehensive support for any number of daily activities. (State of Maryland (Comar, 2013). Moreover, those who desire to establish an assisted living program to improve the quality of the lives of the citizens will find the strategic process information guideline extremely helpful and reduce the level of overwhelming frustration that accompanies lack of clearly delineated

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