Research Study Skin Safety Model

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Health researchers used literature review to study skin integrity from the viewpoint of observing the skin as a vulnerable complex organ susceptible to many threats and injuries. Interactions between patient, health systems, and acute situational stressors all play an interrelate role in skin integrity and skin injuries. The focus of this study is to reveal the practices of maintaining skin integrity. Researchers examined published literature between 1960 and December 2014 using electronic databases. Also, the search included meta-analyses and systematic reviews. Researchers reviewed 2,851 titles. The purpose of this research was to develop a skin safety model (SSM) that identifies contributing factors of iatrogenic skin injuries in older individuals that are hospitalized. Researchers found that despite many literature reviews on the cause, prevention, and management of skin injuries, holistic skin safety concept models were underrepresented. Therefore, a new skin safety model (SSM) is outlined in this article that can be used as a holistic approach for skin safety in older adults, as many older patients are vulnerable to skin injuries. Skin safety remains a major challenge for healthcare providers caring for older patients. The strength of this study is that it seeks to interrelate all the diverse contributing factors and elements to the loss of skin integrity and piece them together harmoniously to help health care providers manage and prevent skin injuries. The
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