Research Study on E-Recruitment and Organizational Performance in Telecom Industry

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“Every sector, every job, every function, was, is or will be disrupted by Internet” stated Kalika in 2000. The revolution is undertaking in a HR (Human Resource) sector. In August 2007, Monster France had more than 3 million CVs on their list. The HR Functions ought to be deal with four conflicting pressures (Lepak & Snell, 1998). All together, it is necessary for the HR to be planned, elastic, efficient, and customer-oriented. Certain researchers suggested that the use of technology may enable HR department to achieve these goals. There is a critical role of recruitment in enhancing organizational continued existence and success. The developments in technology provide organizations to recruit personnel by using internet. Recruitment plays…show more content…
This enables the organization to increase their productivity.

1.5 Better application management By using internet for recruitment purposes it helps to collect the applications from wider geographical regions. All the CVs are sent by the applicant using electronic channel. Then these applications are scrutinized for keywords recognizing the necessary knowledge, skills, competencies and experience. That information then can be information can then be stored in the information system for instant or upcoming purposes.
1.6 Organizational performance The performance relates to the purpose of the organization. The organizational performance means the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization. The organization is effective if it fulfills the stated mission and goals of the company. The other factor which also reflects the organizational performance is competitive advantage of the company.
1.7 Efficiency and effectiveness
The effective HR planning refer to the methods and practices that are used to find the accurate number of the skilled and competent employees for the right job or task when they are needed (Lin, 1997). Now the internet is thought as the effective and efficient way to hire the personnel. Recent changes in the technology of recruitment helps the HR administrators to check the employees, to make the most use of their skills efficiently and also to decrease their hiring cost

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