Research Study on Pediatric Cancer Funding

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Pediatric cancer funding X Cancer Specialty Center P.O. Drawer C Ft Monroe, VA 24064 March 6, 2013 Mr. Smith Mark, COO X Cancer Specialty Center P.O. Drawer C Ft Monroe, VA 24064 Dear Mr. Smith: With this is a copy of my justification report on the subject of funding and support of research in pediatric cancer and assisting poor parents of children suffering from cancer. This statement is a review of my findings from the most recent year of working in X Cancer Specialty Center, and a separate research that other researchers have conducted outside the center. This paper will be useful in justifying the funding of extensive research in pediatric cancer, and the necessity to assist parents of the cancer patients to meet medical costs. I have completed this report at no cost to the organization, and I carried out and completed this research during off hours. Through the study, I have found out that there is minimum research in pediatric cancer and many parents from poor families find it difficult to pay for medical fee. In addition, funding for research will be effective in curbing the effects of cancer in children even as they transit to adulthood. In case you have a question regarding the information that I have used in this report or the findings of the study, feel free to ask and you can contact me through my phone number listed above. Sincerely, Name Enclosure: Final Report Introduction According to Price, Stranges, and Elixhauser (2012), the rate of Childhood
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