Research Summary : School Supplies In The Classroom

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Research Summary: School Supplies in the Classroom Teachers see lack of supplies and curriculum, unreliable internet service in their schools Key Concepts A survey given to public school instructors reported that teachers believe art, tutoring, music, and library time are necessities An average of $500 a year are spent on school supplies for each teacher’s classroom, taken directly from the instructor’s wallet themselves Elementary school teachers spend more money on school supplies for their students than middle school teachers 81% of schools lacked Common Core materials for reading, and 64% of schools lacked Common Core materials for mathematics Connection This can be directly connected to my campaign for change as I can use this…show more content…
I can include coloring books and colored pencils so children can have the freedom to express themselves and develop crucial skills during their free time or when they are on their break. I want children to understand that engaging in artistic activity can be just as important as learning the common core subjects when it comes to achieving success. Furthermore, art is a common way for people of all ages to release stress. Questions How does visual art, musical art, and dramatic art differ in developing a child’s skills? At what age is participating in artistic activity on a regular basis the most effective and why? Reference Lynch, G. H. (2012, May 25). The Importance of Art in Child Development. Retrieved November 12, 2017, from The benefits of music education Key Concepts Musical training physically
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