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Research Summary and Ethical Considerations

Grand Canyon University NSR-433
Professor Stone
August 15, 2015

Research Summary and Ethical Considerations
Type 2 Diabetes can be prevented with certain lifestyle changes such as increased physical activity, healthy dietary habits, and weight loss. However, A better understanding of what motivates lifestyle changes and the barriers that prevent the life style changes, especially among overweight individuals with risk of T2D was needed. The study, Motivators and barriers to exercise among adults with a high risk of type 2 diabetes – a qualitative study, was preformed to help fill this knowledge gap. The purpose of this study was to describe the motivators and barriers to exercise among
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Individuals need to be motivated by energy, direction, persistence, and goal orientation. Motivation means intentional activity towards intentional activity towards individually meaningful goals that answers two questions, what and why. Extrinsic motivation is based on activity for attaining separable outcomes. Intrinsic motivation is born through satisfaction with the activity itself. Intrinsic motivation is greater than extrinsic motivation, for continuous physical activity and maintenance have been shown to be fostered by greater intrinsic rather than extrinsic motivation. They are not opposites due to the former can lead to the latter. (Korkiakangas, 2011)

Methods of study The qualitative research study included 74 participants: 33 men and 41 women with the mean age of 49 from 4 municipalities in Finland. Either nurses or doctors recruited each participant from either an occupational or a primary health care. The subjects had to score greater than 15 points on the diabetes risk test score or an increased risk of work disability assessed by the occupational nurse or doctor or elevated fasting blood glucose, or impaired glucose tolerance an oral glucose tolerance test in the last 12 months. During the recruitment duration the following exclusion criteria was applied to potential participants: anyone taking medication to treat obesity, poor control of depression or other mental
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