Research Techniques For The Creative Media

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Research Techniques for the Creative Media Industries Qualitative and Quantitative: There are two types of research: qualitative and quantitative. Qualitative research is exploratory research – such as looking at and analysing people’s behaviours, values and opinions or aspirations. Types of qualitative research that are available are customer feedback, videos or interviews and open answer questions. Qualitative research is more in detail than quantitative would be as qualitative explores what people think about a certain subject and how other people’s opinions change and differ from one another.There are several pros and cons of qualitative research – and advantage of qualitative research is that you are able to explore topics in more depth and more detail, often less expensive, do not need to recruit as many participants or use extensive methods so you are able to get more research without spending a lot of your budget which is highly recommended and it also fills in the gaps left by quantitative research and data. Cons of qualitative data also vary like one major disadvantage of qualitative research is that it cannot quantify how many of your audience answer one way or another. Another disadvantage is that this makes it extremely difficult to create any type of solid statistic, qualitative data is also quite time consuming due to the extensive questions and exploratory research. Qualitative data also has unstructured information, this makes it hard to interpret as well
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