Research Techniques For The Mayo Clinic

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The Mayo Clinic is looking to use qualitive research techniques in order to succeed in international markets. "Qualitive research techniques are designed to understand a basic feel for the problem before proceeding further into the more analytical portion of the study." (aaker 177) Asking people questions about their feelings, thoughts, and previous behaviors will allow for the Mayo Clinic to better understand peoples attitudes towards their clinics and international health care. Analyzing Primary data collected and carefully reviewing secondary data will help Mayo clinic to understand what steps need to be taken into order to succeed. Memo :
To: Staff "International" will continue to be a part of who the Mayo Clinic is even more so in the coming years. Over the next five years, We have decided to expand our international sakes revenues by 100 percent. There are a few intergral changes to the marketing research that will be outlined to you in this memo. It is important that these concepts are not only fully understood but implemented immeditatly in order to push Mayo Clinic in the right direction. In the past word of mouth marketing has been one of the most effective forms of marketing for us. If we are going to become more successful on an international level it is imperative that we incorporate more mediums of marketing into our marketing plan. In order to implement these new strategies , we are going to conduct extensive research.
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