Research Techniques Throughout The Course Of My Work

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Research Techniques: I will no doubt be employing many research techniques throughout the course of my work, however the three that I will describe in detail are: interviews, participant observation, and site mapping. Some of the additional methods include: household information survey, literature review, government policy analysis, and public discourse analysis. To begin, I will likely start with participant observation. I will be visiting and volunteering at multiple different non-profit organizations and community events. This will allow me to engage with affected populations and learn about their reality, as well as meet people that would like to talk to me. Participant observation could mean many different things depending on the situation. In one instance it might mean delivering food hampers with Winnipeg Harvest to families that have requested them, in another it might mean preparing a meal at Siloam Mission. The broad range of programs offered in the private sector (for free) means that participation in the form of volunteering could take numerous forms. Participant observation could also mean visiting the sites of extreme poverty in Winnipeg, in publicly funded housing, homeless populations, and shelters. Getting a sense of the difficulties of living with food insecurity would likely mean taking trips to local food sites, whether they be grocery stores, food banks, and free meal kitchens, and learning about prices, wait times, travel time/costs, and other factors
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