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Organisational culture describes the values, beliefs and behaviours which provide norms for the environment of an organisation (Anon., 2012). The culture of an organisation sets out to provide structure for employees within a business and often culture shows to be a strong factor in certain organisations. Edgar Schein, a culture theorist explains that the definition of organizational culture must be general otherwise factors may be eliminated which may contribute to culture within a business. (Anon., 2007). Culture impacts on the working procedures in which a business performs and effects the way in which the organisation is run on a daily basis.
The organisational iceberg theory proposed by French and Bell (1990) explains that there are
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Employees follow specific job descriptions and their aim is to complete individual tasks set, role culture also displays bureaucracy within a company (Sherwin, 2009). John Lewis has implemented a role culture within their organisation allowing staff to have individual roles to complete advantageously giving them a sense of job identity within the culture of the business.(Potter, 2010) explains that John Lewis encourage respect, fairness, dialogue and collaboration between all staff (shareholders or partners) to work from a leadership base of high credibility and trust. Therefore this shows they value importance on their employees and ensure they have a positive reputation of culture. By issuing yearly bonuses to employees, they show importance of their staff to the company and communication of this is shown in the public eye.
Task culture is an explanation of businesses which value high importance of the tasks in hand and make every effort of the company to complete tasks set. There is less control and influence from sub ordinates as employees work in team based groups to ensure completion of work. An example of this culture would be seen in more research based businesses where more team working is required with different skills to implement within the business surroundings.
A person culture reflects a culture in which the business surrounds the importance of employees and key job roles are led by staff decision making where in which there is no hierarchy. The

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