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Immigration chief explains congestion in NAIA1 arrival area Written by ELLEN TORDESILLAS The MIAA has partially closed NAIA due to runway repairs from January to August 2012, affecting departing and arriving flights.’ I AM sure I’m not the only one who has experienced hav­ing to endure more than one hour of lining up for immigra­tion processing upon arrival at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. It’s is not at all fun after hours in flight. It also is not good for the country’s image because this usually does not happen in other countries. I wrote in my column in Abante about my experience last June 30 upon arriving from Seoul, past 11 p.m., to a crowded immigration area. It was quite disorganized because there were no airport or…show more content…
“ David said he reaffirms BI’s “unequivocal commitment supporting The Department of Tourism in its drive to promote tourism in the country through its ‘It’s more fun in the Philippines Tourism campaign’”. Boss! D’ Plane! D’ Plane! BY Raffy Pekson II The tourism department and travel service companies take a detailed look into every moment of contact with the customer, from the check-in counter, waiting at the gate, method of boarding, walking through the walkway tube, entering the plane, finding his or her seat, storing the luggage, sitting down, getting comfortable, waiting for everyone to board, waiting more for the control tower to give the go signal to taxi into the runway, takeoff, in-flight services like meals, drinks, reading materials, internet access, landing, taxi to the arrival gate, getting the luggage, walking out of the plane, walking inside the tube, looking for immigration, lining up for immigration procedures, talking to the immigration officer, looking for the luggage carousel, getting the luggage, proceeding to customs, conversations with the customs officer, getting transportation, waiting for transportation, and eventually leaving the airport. That’s just arrival. Did I miss anything? Recently, the original international airport terminal, called NAIA 1 (Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Terminal 1), was tagged as the worst

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