Research and Analysis of America's Caffeine Consumption

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Caffeine has become a staple in many developed nations. As a stimulant, caffeine provides a viable solution to many individuals maintaining a busy lifestyle. Particularly in the developed world, individuals tend to work long hours, which creates vast amounts of stress. To help alleviate much of the fatigue that accompanies a busy lifestyle, many individuals elect to drink caffeinated beverages. These beverages range from typical colas to coffee, to energy drinks. Each has its own concentration of caffeine, or energy inducing ingredients. Through the consumption of these beverages, many individuals develop a habit of dependency. Those who consume, often do so in large quantities. Large amounts of caffeine can potentially be harmful to an individual's health when consumed vigorously. Below is a chart from the Specialty Coffee Association of America indicating consumption within America. According to the data compiled in the chart, 172 million Americans consumed coffee on a daily basis. As such the focus of my exercise is to reduce my personal consumption of caffeinated drinks to better improve my overall health and fitness levels. I want to reduce my dependency on caffeine as it is linked to many health complications later in life. To avoid these complications I want to reduce my urge to consume caffeine while supplementing this behavior with fitness. Baseline Data Week Caffeine Consumption per week (in 8 ounce. Servings) Exercise Per week (1 hour sessions) Notes 1 14

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