Research and Design Methodology Essay

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M1A1 : Research and Design Methodology 2 In order to understand human development one must observe how people change over time at different ages. In the logitudinal design participants or groups are studied over and over again at differetn times and chages are noted as they age. The observation time can very depending on information being gathered. Sometimes lasting short periods of time or years. One benefit of the logitudinal approach is that it would observe each persons performances over the specified time span, allowing to identify any patters or problems in development. Another benefit is that it allows participants to be studied at different ages. Some…show more content…
(Berk 2014) By using this design we would be able to compare participants who were born different years however were the same age. Additionally we could comapre findings of longitudinal adn cross-sectional and be confident of outcomes. There are several ways to gather information, systemic observation, self-reporting, clinical studies and ethnographies of life circumstances. (Berk 2014) Using the systemic observation uses observing in two differetn settings. In naturalistic observation objects natural environment in which the subject would be in its everyday surroundings. Structured observation in which the subject would be observed in a controlled setting such as a lab. When using structured observation the environemtn can be controlled to be the same for each participant which might prevent subjects from behaving as they would in their everyday lives. Using self reports has participants answer questions. Interviews can be relaxed, conversation style or more structured like a test. (Berk 2014) This may cause problems because it could be difficult to compare answers. The case study or clinical method allows a bigger picture of one individual be studied. In this method the goal is to get as much information as possible from many angels which is helpful with individual cases. The unfortunat part is these findings are only useful for each individual. To study
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