Research and Healthcare Statistics

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Healthcare Statistics and Research: Task one Informational Document Linda S. Gaul Western Governors University A1. Research Protocol Provider’s participation in clinical trials as an investigator is critical in development and advancement in treating diseases with new medicines, devices or protocols. Advantages of participation include; professional development, recognition as a leader in the medical community, potential for increased compensation and personal satisfaction. It should be noted not ALL studies provide physician compensation. There is also an advantage to patients whose physician is also a clinical investigator, they can have confidence you will have the ability to consider any…show more content…
Included in this information, there must also be risks; benefits and alternatives discussed. All participants must not be led to believe they are giving up any legal rights or releasing the physician and care team from liability to careless or negligent care delivered. Potential candidates must also be given ample opportunity to have any questions answered. Once a potential candidate agrees to participate in the trial and signs the consent, the research team is responsible for keeping the participant informed during the trial or study. Participants have the right to discontinue participation during any time of the study. As a provider, your involvement is to understand the risks, potential benefits and treatment protocol to the point you can answer participants questions. It is also, the responsibility of the clinical research team to obtain informed consent and answer any questions to throughout the study. The potential participant must be given the opportunity to give full consideration regarding the decision whether or not to participate in the research study without undue influence from his or her physician, family, or the scientific investigator. No informed consent may contain any exculpatory language by which the participant waives any legal rights or releases the investigator or sponsor from
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