Research and Study on the National Service Training Program in Malaysa

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The National Service Training Program in Malaysia started in 2004 after the Malaysian Parliament agreed on the execution of the program. The objectives of the program are to increase the patriotism spirit among the younger generation, to instill racial harmony and national integrity, to from positive character through moral value, to develop volunteerism, and to create younger generation who are active physically, mentally and filled with self confidence. This research was undertaken to evaluate the program from the perspective of a national service trainee, before, during, and after attending the whole program. Result in the research cannot be generalized due to the qualitative nature
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The objective of research is are the follow :
1.4.1 To identify the factor that influence the teenagers attitude.
Identifying the factor that influence the teenagers attitude.
1.4.2 PLKN was to identify the activities that can build communication skill.
Investigate the activities that PLKN organize whether it can build communication skill or not.
1.4.3 To indentify the suitable module or program that allow teenagers to exercise
Analyze whether the module or program are suitable to teenagers or not.
1.4.4 Increasing self-confidence of teenagers to be more independent
Indentify is teenagers becomes more independent when they joining PLKN.


The research questions is are the follow :

1.5.1 Are joining PLKN can improve teenager’s attitude? This question researchers want to examine whether the participating teenagers PLKN can change their attitude.

1.5.2 How to build communication skill among teenager’s? This question researchers wanted to know how former trainees present communication skill among to teenagers.

1.5.3 What is the PLKN program that allow teenager’s to exercise? Whether the PLKN program is able to fill their leisure time or as an exercise for them, when they make activities available.

1.5.4 How teenager’s can learn social skill through joining PLKN program? With the social skills of the
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